A message from Principal Brett Miksch...

  • Dear Students and Parents:

    I want to welcome you to Johnson High School!   I am thrilled that you have taken time to review the website and find out more about what Johnson High can offer you.

    As a student at Johnson High School you will consistently be encouraged to achieve your highest potential. This message will come from teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, and even fellow students. As a result, our goal is to ensure that the resources you need to reach individual goals and objectives are provided each day.  However, a successful high school career requires discipline, organization, focus and commitment. As you grow from a young adolescent to a young adult, our expectations for you will grow as well. Keep in mind that our academic and career expectations are high. All students have a right to learn at JHS, and we're proud of the overall respect students continue to show one another.

    At Johnson High School, we look forward to providing every student a rigorous academic schedule that fulfills individual needs, in conjunction with opportunity to focus on a career path of your choice. We want you to know that our entire staff is prepared and willing to provide all the knowledge and experiences you will need for college opportunities, career opportunities, and anything else you desire in life. Know that when you leave Johnson High School with your high school diploma, you will also leave knowing you possess the 21st Century skills that will make you immediately marketable, immediately employable, and immediately desirable to college admissions officers and industry professionals alike. 

    I encourage you to take the time to explore this website.  Read our Mission Statement, look at our School Profile and remember WHAT STARTS HERE CHANGES THE WORLD!  Feel free to contact me by email at brett.miksch@hayscisd.net or 512.268.8512 to learn more.


    Brett Miksch, Principal

JHS Principal Miksch