Safety & Security

  • The Hays CISD Safety & Security Department was created in mid-2018 by Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright and the Board of Trustees.    The vision and goal of the department is to consolidate duties and projects in the area of school safety and school security into one department and to provide one point of contact for the needs of the district and students. 

Key Department Functions

  • Some of the key functions of the department are as follows:

    • Serve as a liaison between public safety partners for the district (police, fire, EMS and other entities)
    • Develop and maintain a District Emergency Response Plan
    • Develop and maintain Campus and Facility Emergency Response Plans for all Hays CISD campuses and facilities
    • Serve as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the district
    • Manage and serve on the District Safety Committee
    • Perform regular Campus Safety Audits
    • Perform and ensure improvement in emergency response drills (i.e. fire, lockdown and evacuation)
    • Provide training and other items necessary to ensure the safety and security of all partners of Hays CISD
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Department Staff

Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

  • SRP logo Standard Response Protocol is a classroom response enhancement for critical incidents, designed to provide consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff and first responders.

    Standard Response Protocol (SRP) Videos


SRP Posters

  • SRP - Hear It Do It SRP - Say It Twice Click on the images for full sized pdf versions:

Warn Central Texas

  • Warn Central Texas graphic Warn Central Texas

    The Capital Area Council of Government and its partners are pleased to offer an emergency notification system to residents of Central Texas. Registering with WarnCentralTexas allows local officials to contact their communities by phone, email and text during times of disasters or public safety events.

Hays County Emergency Information

  • Hays Informed graphic Hays County Emergency Information 

    HaysInformed was developed by the Hays County Office of Emergency Services to provide a one stop website for emergency and critical information for the citizens of Hays County.   On the site citizens can find information on road closures, weather events, emergency operations and general notifications on public safety activity.