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  • I am a registered nurse with 16 years of nursing experience. I have been a school nurse here at Barton for 3 years. I am married  and we have 2 wonderful children. My husband is a cardiac nurse in Austin. We live in Mountain City and both of our children are students within Hays CISD. I stay busy with family activities, reading, and spending time with friends. I enjoy volunteering my time for American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

    School nursing has been very rewarding and challenging and I look forward to many more years. I thank you for the opportunity of caring for your children. I will use each encounter with your children to promote wellness, teach and provide my best care to the children. I am always available for questions, comments, or concerns.

     School nursing is a professional registered nursing specialty that involves identification, assessment, prevention, and intervention to remedy or modify students' health needs. The nurse's goal is to promote the optimum health of students and the students' abilities to achieve their individual educational goals.

    Nurses monitor required immunizations, perform mandated health screenings, track communicable diseases, plan for emergencies and provide direct care to students. Please use the links to the left to learn more about the Hays CISD District Health Services.

    We would like to assure you that medical information about your child is treated as confidential by the nurses and all school staff.  We do not share information about your child with outside parties nor can we discuss health concerns of any other student with you.


    Welcome back Barton Bobcats. I hope that your summer was fabulous. Below are a few tips to keep you healthy when returning to school.

    *Start off with a healthy breakfast.

    *Hydration is key to staying healthy, alert and attentive. 

    *Stay physically active. 60 minutes of daily moderate activity is recommended to stay fit.

    *Maintain energy and focus with healthy snacks.

    *Establish a consistent sleep routine. 


    * Keep hands away from eyes, ears, nose and mouth. 

    *Wear appropriate clothing choices for temperatures. Wear comfortable and safe shoes for student activity while at school. 

    *Notify your school nurse of childs health concerns.

    *Provide school nurse with needed documentation and medication for health conditions. 

    * Have regular checkups with pediatrician and stay current on all vaccines including annual flu vaccine.  




News from the Nurse

  • Let the summer fun begin!

     Below is a a few summer safety tips to keep your child healthy and happy over the summer! 

    *  Planning to spend time outdoors means planning to spray yourself with insect repellent. Did you know that wearing light colored clothing can reduce the incidence of bug bites and stings.

    *  Just a few sunburns can increase your risk child's risk of skin cancer later in life. Cover up, use sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours or more often with swimming or vigorous activity. Use sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 and UVA and UVB protection.

    *  Stay hydrated and cool. Keep water on hand to maintain hydration and stay in or in a shady area during the hottest parts of the afternoon. 7-8 cups of water per day is recommended for teens. Increase this amount if you are exercising or out in the heat sweating. 

    *Stay physically active throughout the summer months. Teens should be getting 60 minutes per day of moderate physical activity.

    *Never leave kids alone in the pool, no matter their ages or swim capabilities.

    *Accident prevention-  Playground equipment is hot and can cause burns.

                                     Bike riders should wear protective equipment.

                                     Avoid using headphones when walking or riding bike so that you can hear activity in your surroundings.

                                     Teach children proper cooking techniques if they will be cooking meals for themselves. Never leave food that is cooking unattended. 

    * Follow your pediatrician's recommendations for wellness visits and keep all immunization status current.

    All incoming 7th graders are required to have TDAP and meningiococcal immunizations prior to the start of the first day of school. Schedules will not be given to those students who do not provide proof of vaccines prior to schedule pick up. Students will not be allowed to start school until vaccines records are provided to the school. Vaccine records can be dropped off at the office during business hours, faxed to school at 512-268-1610, or emailed to the school nurse.

    Follow the links on my webpage for the requirements for vaccines and for policies and forms for mediations at school for the upcoming year. 

    We will see you all back on campus for the 2018-2019 school year. I will return to campus on August 13th. Please email me with any questions you have over the summer. I will check email periodically. Have a great summer!

    Christi Chabarria, RN

    Barton Middle School Nurse


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