• Exemption Information and Exam Schedules may be found on the left toolbar as they become available.


    Please review the exemption process for Fall 2023 Semester Exams.



    • No more than 4 absences, excused or unexcused, during the semester.
    • Remains the same as years prior.

      • Students must have an 85+ average in Pre-AP/on-level courses, and 85+ in AP/6.0 weight courses.
      • Teachers determine the course average for the student by adding the 1st 9 weeks report card grade with the 2nd 9 weeks grade and dividing by 2. 
      • Freshmen can exempt up to 2 exams (if they qualify), Sophomores up to 3, Juniors up to 4, and Seniors up to 5
      • Students that have been placed in ISS/OSS/DAEP during the Fall semester will NOT be eligible for exemptions.
      • If a student has a debt, it must be cleared with the A.P. office BEFORE a teacher can grant an exemption. 

      Please read our existing exam FAQ sheet HERE.


      • 11/17 - teachers receive information on exemptions
      • 11/27 - students receive exemption information (email from admin)
      • 12/5 - Attendance Appeals due to AP Office (complete w/ all documentation by 4:30)
      • 12/7 - “Cut off/snapshot” for exemption calculation (have all grades entered)
      • 12/8 - 12/12- Students may request exemption from individual teachers
      • 12/8 - 12/12- Teacher window for granting/denying exemption requests and entering exemption info on master list
      • 12/13-12/15 Fall Semester Exams Schedule
      • 12/15 - Grading Period Ends



        1. Students will email the teacher(s) of the course they wish to exempt. All emails will be standardized (Example: subject will read “Exemption request”) to allow teachers to easily store/sort/respond.  
        2. Teachers will receive the email, then check to see that the student qualifies- 85+ average (85+ for AP) as well as check to see if any student debt is owed.
        3. Teacher will return the student’s email stating they are EXEMPT from that exam or NOT EXEMPT from that exam (and state reason why: grade average below 85 (85+ for AP/owe debt) 




      • No Early exams. Students that miss with an excused absence/extenuating circumstance may make up a missed exam in January.  
      • Students that are exempt will still report to your class during test time. 
      Students with debt will be cleared as soon as payment is received. Debt is paid in the AP Office.