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    Spring Semester Exam Exemptions (2020-2021 school year)

    Students: To exempt a semester exam, please follow these steps

    • Make sure you are eligible to exempt
        1. You may not exempt a course if your semester average is below an 85 (90 in AP courses), and/or you have received an ISS/OSS/DAEP placement during the semester, and/or you have school debt that has not been cleared.
        2. If you qualify for exemptions- Freshmen may exempt up to 2 course exams, Sophomores up to 3, Juniors up to 4, and Seniors up to 5 (you MUST take semester exams for all classes that you do NOT have an exemption for). NOTE: your grade level is determined by the number of credits you currently have. 
        3. If you owe debt, please contact Ms. Sandoval or Ms. Calvin in the assistant principal’s office to clear before you request any exemptions. 


    • Email the teacher of the course you’d like to exempt. 
        1. Each exemption request must be submitted in a separate email. Example: A junior that qualifies for all 4 possible exemptions would need to send 4 separate emails to teachers requesting an exemption.
        2. Send the email to the teacher’s outlook address (firstname.lastname@hayscisd.net). The subject line should read “Exemption Request”. Be sure to include your name, ID Number, and period you have that teacher in the body of the email. 
        3. Emails submitted outside of the timeline listed below, sent to other email addresses/boards (gmail, Schoology, etc.), or that do not include the “Exemption Request” subject line will NOT be considered. 
    • Teachers will respond to your request. They will email back stating that your exemption was approved and entered, or they will state that you did not qualify for an exemption for that course, with the reason why. 
    • On exam days, you MUST be marked “Present”, even if you are exempt from the test. Virtual Learners will need to log-on to Schoology on exam day. Exempt in-person students may attend school virtually (asynchronous) if they are exempt from all tests for that day. Please note: Students will not be permitted to leave campus until the end of the instructional day. In-person students that are exempt will still report to class during test time if they are on campus. Example: I am taking 1st and 3rd period exams, but am exempt from 2nd period. I will still report to 2nd period during exam time. 


    • 5/17 students receive exemption information
    • 5/19 “Cut off/snapshot” for exemption calculation (have all grades entered)
    • 5/20-5/21 Students may request exemption from individual teachers
    • 5/20-5/24 Teacher window for granting/denying exemption requests and entering exemption info on master list
    • 5/24-5/28 Semester exams. 

    Please read our existing exam FAQs and exam schedule HERE (link coming soon)