• Spring 2021 Exam Exemption Information


    • Grades: Students must have a 70+ average. Teachers determine the course average for the student by adding the 3rd 9 weeks report card grade with the 4th 9 weeks grade and dividing by 2. 
    • ATTENDANCE: Students can have no more than 3 absences from 4/26-5/24. In-person students: teachers will count absences to their class period. Virtual: teachers will count absences to their daily zoom meetings. 
    • Discipline: Students that have been placed in ISS/OSS/DAEP during the Spring semester will NOT be eligible for exemptions. If a student has a debt, it must be cleared with the A.P. office BEFORE a teacher can grant an exemption. 
    • SPRING 21 ONLY: Students can exempt any/all classes they qualify for (up to all 7)
    • Please read our existing exam FAQ sheet HERE


    • By 5/17 teachers receive exemption information (email from admin)
    • By 5/19 stduents receive exemption information (email from admin)
    • 5/20-5/21 Students may request exemption from individual teachers
    • 5/20-5/24 Teacher window for granting/denying exemption requests and entering exemption info on master list
    • 5/24-5/28 Semester exams. See updated schedule HERE


    1. Students will email the teacher(s) of the course they wish to exempt. All emails will be standardized (subject line should read “Exemption request”, body should contain student name, ID, class period) to allow teachers to easily store/sort/respond. 
    2. Teachers will receive the email then check to see that the student qualifies- 70+ average, no more than 3 absences (counting in-person absences for in-person students, zoom absences for virtual students). If the student meets the criteria, teacher will document it on a spreadsheet. If the student has an open exemption cell by their name, teacher will type their last name-hyphen-course name in the cell. Example: Hensarling-Student Aide. If the student does NOT have an available cell beside their name (note stating ineligible due to discipline or debt that needs clear first), then DO NOT enter anything
    3. Teacher will return the student’s email stating they are EXEMPT from that exam or NOT EXEMPT from that exam (and state reason why- debt/grade/attendance)


    • Students that exempt MUST still attend class on exemption day (in-person for IPLs, via zoom for VRLs)
    • Students with debt must clear the debt before an exemption can be granted.