• Students must pass 5 STAAR exams in order to earn a high school diploma in the State of Texas.  The English I and English II exams are among the most difficult tests because students are required to think very critically and apply the information in unique ways.

    Over the next several weeks our English teachers will be assessing students both formally and informally.  They will use the results of these assessments to identify students who could benefit from targeted instruction in areas that could use refinement.  Students will be assigned to attend STAAR tutorial sessions after school.  Students may also ask their teachers to sign them up if they would like to get some additional practice time in.
    This process will enable us to better meet student needs by ensuring that we are able to provide students with the additional help that they need through targeted and specific tutoring sessions.  It is important that students attend these sessions as prescribed so that we can help them successfully pass the STAAR exam the first time.
    Students who need transportation should sign up for the late bus at least 24 hours prior to the day they are to ride.  You can access the late bus sign up here.
    You can find details of the topics that are being covered by reviewing the calendars below.