Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Goals

  • picture of a compass Mission Statement

    The mission of Hays CISD is to nurture students to become extraordinary citizens through unique, personal educational experiences through an innovative community of learners while celebrating our diversity and legacy.

    Vision Statement

    All Hays CISD learners will be:

    • academically prepared for college, career, and life
    • effective communicators and collaborators
    • globally competent and competitive
    • prepared for life and citizenship


    We believe:

    • Decision making is student-focused
    • All students have the capacity to learn and be successful
    • A safe and secure environment is essential
    • Success is a shared investment that includes learners, educators, parents and the community
    • In treating our educators and staff with dignity and respect
    • The allocation of resources will support high quality learning
    • An educated populace is essential to democracy
    • High expectations lead to high achievement
    • Open communication, transparency, and accountability build trust
    • Inspired learning is the foundation of lifelong success
    • Diverse and varied opportunities further learning
    • Student success includes a well-rounded education that goes beyond standardized testing

    Board & Superintendent Goals for 2018‐2019 (adopted August 2018)

    Hays CISD believes in the achievement of every student. The District will evaluate and address the individual needs of each student. Student performance will be evaluated in academics, college readiness, and career development. Our staff believes in the education of the whole child and knows that success is based on more than the results of a single test.

    Hays CISD is dedicated to the safety social and emotional well-being of students and staff. A safe environment must include secure facilities, staff and student training, and our adopted standard response protocol. The district will partner with local and state entities to assure preparedness. Specific areas to be addressed are campus access, detecting and reporting possible threats, and building an environment of trust between adults and all students. Our Emergency Operations Plan is updated annually and followed throughout the district.

    Hays CISD is dedicated to treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity. Cultivating great community and staff relations requires empathy, visibility, trust, and communication. Communication through all appropriate avenues is a priority, and staff will receive training in these areas. Our district is committed to increasing client engagement both internally and externally.