Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Goals

  • picture of a compass Mission Statement

    The mission of Hays CISD, an innovative community of learners that values the diversity and legacy of the people, is to nurture students to become extraordinary citizens through unique, personal educational experiences.

    Vision Statement

    Growing an innovative community of learners.


    We believe:

    • We believe in student-centered decision making.
    • We believe that safety is paramount.
    • We believe success is a shared investment that includes educators, parents and the community.
    • We believe our educators are the heart of our district.
    • We believe we are accountable to ourselves, our students, our colleagues and our community.
    • We believe educational resources should fully support the needs of our students.
    • We believe an educated populace is essential to democracy.
    • We believe high expectations lead to high achievement.
    • We believe transparency and open communication build trust.
    • We believe learning is the foundation of lifelong success.

    Board & Superintendent Goals for 2016‐2017 (adopted September 26, 2016)

    The district will continue to:

    • Make student‐centered decisions 
    • Recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse staff 
    • Improve learning and teaching
    • Foster a culture of continuous improvement 
    • Strengthen collaboration between students, parents, staff, and community