• 4th Grade Technology Specials

    Good morning! I'm sorry I can't be in class today. 
    STAY ON APPROVED WEBSITES, follow your MAPS and make me proud.
    *Don't Forget to SIGN OUT Before You Leave the Lab*   


     1 Typing Club    OR  Dancemat Typing
    Username: ID Number                                                                        
    Password: ID Number                                                                        
    or Login with Google                                                                       
    Class Code:  J7VKRV8                                                                             
                   Practice your typing skills for 10 minutes. 

     2 Choose a Math or Digital Citizen website from below OR
         work on a Schoology Assignment:
    Username: ID Number
    Password: Birthday    
    Work on Unfinished Assignments
    Multiplication Sandspiel

    Username: ID Number
    PassWord: ID Number
    School Code: maps

    Class Code: 0773D67


    PIxel Art

    Pixel Art

            Keep working and learning until Exit Ticket Time

    3  Exit Ticket
          What have you earned today?
      Smiley            Practice Squad