Gifted & Talented (G/T) Services

Campus Message

  • April 15,2020

     Dearest Parents of Gifted and Talented Students, 

     This email is to inform and  update you on the latest happenings in the world of GT services. The following links are to inform you of resources available for GT students. 

    • G/T FAQ

      • The goal of this document is to answer questions related to G/T as we navigate our new learning environment.

    • G/T Resources for 6-8 Students

      • These are activities students can do at home to help challenge them. 

    I also wanted to take the time, now that we have time on our hands, to thank everyone who participated in the inaugural G/T Showcase at Chapa. We learned a lot doing this and how it works and how to make it better. The following link is photos that I took of the event. Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well!

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