Dyslexia Services

  • The Hays CISD Dyslexia Program uses a structured, sequential, explicit approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing skills as an intervention for learners identified with dyslexia.  

    Components of Instruction:

    • Phonological awareness
    • Phonic coding
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading fluency
    • Reading comprehension

    Dyslexia is a lifelong condition.  With proper help, many people with dyslexia can learn to read and write well.  Early identification and treatment is the key to helping individuals with dyslexia achieve in school and in life.  Most people with dyslexia need help from a teacher, tutor, or therapist specially trained in using a multisensory, structured language approach.  It is important for these individuals to be taught by a systematic and explicit method that involves several senses (hearing, seeing, touching) at the same time.  Students with dyslexia often need a great deal of structured practice and immediate, corrective feedback to develop automatic word recognition skills.


    Click here for a list of Campus Dyslexia Specialists