Principal's Message

  • Principal Megan Zembik

    Welcome to the BESt (Buda Elementary School + t) in Texas! 
    Buda Elementary is more than a school - it’s a family. The mission of Buda Elementary is to preserve our legacy and empower students to achieve their highest aspirations through collaboration and student-centered learning opportunities. 
    We pride ourselves on building students up while providing a stellar educational experience that maximizes the potential of each child. Our staff understands that all students are uniquely different and in those differences we see beauty and strength waiting to be cultivated.
    From the moment your child steps into our building, they will experience our every student, every day mantra that shows our commitment to continue supporting each student. We believe in a whole-child approach that recognizes the need to connect before content. When students feel safe and supported, they open themselves up to receive influence from their educational leader that will translate to lifelong success. We are so excited to have you join our family!


    Megan Zembik, Principal
    Buda Elementary School

Megan Zembik