Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cory Medulla

     Welcome to 9th grade World Geography at Johnson High School!!! My name is Cory Medulla and the 2020-2021 school year brings me to my 14th year as a teacher and 17th year as coach. This will be my 7th year as a World Geography teacher. I believe that by studying physical, political, and cultural geography, we can learn a wealth of information about the rest of the world. By learning this information, we can celebrate and appreciate the cultural diversity that exists in our country, learn the benefits and costs of various types of governments and economies, and gain a better understanding of how various natural phenomena effect weather and climate.
     I am proud to be starting my second year at Johnson High School where I believe we have the best students, teachers, principals, and facilities in the state of Texas. We strive to be the best! In fact, you will see the letters “B.I.A.!” all over the school. It stands for Best in America! That’s what we will strive to be in my classroom and as a representative of the Johnson Jaguar family!
     When I am not teaching or coaching, I can be found kayaking, camping, playing guitar and mandolin, or riding my Harley. I just earned my Masters Degree in Education Administration and look forward to not having to spend all of my spare time studying or writing papers. I can sympathize with my students because I did most of my learning online. The biggest takeaway I've gotten from getting my degree online is that we must work together to have a successful school year. Let's make it a great one! B.I.A.!!!!!!!!



Class Schedule

1st Period    World Geography

2nd Period   Conference

3rd Period   World Geography

4th Period   Athletics

     C Lunch

5th Period   World Geography

6th Period   World Geography

7th Period   Athletics