Concussion Management

  • Hays CISD complies with state law HB 2038, also known as Natasha’s Law, and University Interscholastic League (UIL) requirements in order to set standards for best practice for management of concussions. All Hays CISD students, both those involved in UIL athletics and non-UIL students, with suspected concussions will be treated according to the Hays CISD Concussions Protocol. In order to protect our students, any student with a suspected concussion will be treated as though they have a concussion according to the protocol. 

    If a student is exhibiting signs and symptoms of a concussion, the following steps will be taken according to the Hays CISD Concussion Protocol:

        1. Student will be removed immediately from game or practice and the Concussion Protocol must be followed.
        2. The student’s parent or guardian will be notified of possible concussion and will be given further information on concussion management at home. 
        3. In accordance with the UIL: The student will be evaluated by an appropriate health care professional within the school district as soon as practical. The student will be provided with a physician referral using the "Head Injury Referral Form". This form is to be completed by the physician, or other appropriate health care professional that further evaluates the student.
        4. The student will be kept from participation in any physical activity until the student's medical provider has cleared the student for the return to play progression by signing the Return to Play Form. Once the signed form is received,  the Return to Play Protocol will be initiated by the nurse or athletic trainer. 
        5. For UIL students, a signed Concussion Clearance Form must be provided in order for the student to be cleared from the Concussion Protocol. This form is not required for non-UIL students.  A coach of any interscholastic team may not authorize a student’s return to play at any time.

CDC Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents