Intro to Hays CISD Dashboard

  • Hays CISD Dashboard Welcome to Hays CISD's Dashboard!

    This Dashboard is an interactive guide through complex District data that is important to you. Within Hays CISD's Dashboard pages you will find much information on Campus, District, Regional and Statewide measures. The data which Hays Dashboard represents is gathered from many different sources in an effort to give you insight into Hays CISD. We hope you find this Dashboard informative and enlightening.

    Features of Hays CISD's Dashboard

    You're encouraged to click buttons, click drop down menus and explore your Dashboard. Note the menu in the upper left. This Navigation menu will take you through the 4 major pages of your Dashboard; Student, Academic, Staff, Finance. The drop down menu below the page navigation menu will take you through multiple pages within each main page.

     Dashboard drop down menus

     Mouse-Over Graphics to view data

    When you mouse-over a graphic you will see relevant numbers. In addition, clicking on a Pie Chart section will cause that section to pop out from the rest of the graphic.

    pie charts  

    Drop-Down Menus

    You will see various drop-down menus throughout the site. Click on the drop-down menus to select Campus specific data.

    Campus specific data drop down  

    Slider Bar Feature

    Use the slider bar feature to change the time frame of certain column graphs.

    Slider graphic  

    Data Sources

    Please note the data sources at bottom of each page. Click to view data source(s).

    Data Source  
    Flash and Mobile Device

    Please note that some of the features above will not be available for iPad or Mobile Device users. The content will be the same but some of the functionality will not. If you are using a PC or Mac but cannot view the features as shown above, please use the Adobe Flash link below to download, install and enable Adobe Flash on your browser.

    Adobe download icon

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    Problems viewing Dashboard?

    If Dashboard doesn’t display correctly on your browser, make sure you are running the most up-to-date version.