• Ocean Field Trip!




           Recycle Round Up        Brush Ninja  



    Kinder Flower Power

    Kinder students drew the pictures. 
    Then 4th and 5th grade students in CHES Game Design Club created the games. 
    What a wonderful collaboration!

    Miller Flower Power      Davis Flower Power



    A Different Way of Seeing

    spinner pics           pixel letter art      find the difference
    Brush Ninja  

     abcmouse.com            Code Studio                dreambox    




    Google Maps

    CHES map



    Learning Objective: We will explore virtual environments by navigating my computer mouse.
    Launguage Objective: I will use correct words when talking about technology.

      1. Video & Quiz

    brain pop jr.


     2. Pattern Games


     Fuzz Bugs Patterns

    fuzz bugs


    Superhero Pattern Race

    superhero patterns  

               Pattern Match
    pattern match  



    Moon Rock Patterns

    moon rock patterns


    Pattern Shape Maze

    pattern maze




    Paul Pattern



    Shape Patterns

    shape patterns  

    Music Patterns

    music patterns

    Draw a Pattern

    abcya paint



    3. ABCmouse.com



    We will login to the comptuer.
    We will use online tools to practice math skills.
    I will show that I understand by following directions.
    Keyboard Games
    We will practice using the keyboard.
    We will manage tabs using the computer mouse.
    I will show others that I understand what I hear by following directions and retelling what others have told me.
    upper and lower case letter matching        Jumpkey           AlphaMunchies

    keyboard zoo             animal who           Sound Burst

    Caterpillar Count       This is Sand             ABCmouse    










     Upper & Lowercase Song with Elvis, watchkin.com/5b3c58bb0b









































































    Moving the Mouse
    Pirate Mouse Game    heart mouse game  raindrop mouse game

    Caterpillar Count  

    Pointing and Clicking
    Happy Clicks 2 Mouse Game Happy Clicks Mouse Game  


    Animals in the Jungle

    Animals in the Ocean

    Dragging and Dropping
    Drag and Drop Mouse Game   Drag and Drop 2 Mouse Game   Drag and Drop 3 Mouse Games   Drag and Drop 4 Mouse Game  
    Putting it all together!
    Skits Cooks   Scrup a Pup Mouse Game
    Funny Photos Mouse Game  


    Click Speed

    This is Sand
    Mouse and Pointer Tutorial