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    Supplies Needed:

    1. Binder 1in 

    2. Pen/Pencil

    3. **Access to a computer WITH internet – OR –

    **Access to a phone/tablet WITH internet connection 

    To be successful in this class: 

    -YOU need to keep up with notes & assignments

    -Be ready to learn and have fun!

    -Active participation.

    Classroom Expectations

    • Be respectful to yourself, me and others. 
    • Don’t speak while others are speaking. 
    • Be PREPARED for class when class begins.  
    • PARTICIPATE in all lesson activities.  If you need help, ask. If you don’t understand something, ask.
    • Obey all school, lab, and cell phone policies and procedures.
    • Do not stand behind/around my desk unless give explicit instructions to do so. 
    • Do not leave the room unless give explicit instruction. 
    • The bell ringing is not permission to leave. 
    • No food and drink.  Water is acceptable.