• decorative banner: Legislative Priorities 86th Texas Legislature 2019

  • In preparation of the upcoming 86th legislative session, Hays CISD seeks to partner with elected officials to support a high quality public education for all students, and asks that local control and flexibility be strongly considered in order to respond to the unique needs of our students, educators, parents, and community members.

    The Hays CISD Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the following legislative priorities on December 17, 2018:


    • We support additional funding through the modernization of the state’s finance formula, including enhancements of funding weights, allotments and adjustments, such as the Cost of Education Index (CEI), in order to cover the costs of inflation, as well as the true cost of educating students in Texas.

    • We support additional funding for school safety through an increase in the basic allotment.

    • We oppose the state benefiting from rising property values which taxpayers assume are benefiting their local schools.

    • We support requiring the state to share the costs of funding public education by providing a minimum of 50% of the formula funded revenue in order to reduce the burdensome costs to local tax payers.

    • We strongly support funding for universal full-day Pre–K and prioritized funding to ensure that all students are literate by the end of grade 3.

    • We support additional funding for student mental health services through an increase in the basic allotment. 

    • We strongly support keeping public dollars in public schools and oppose further expansion of charter schools.


    • We support the recommendation of the Texas Commission on Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability to assess only the “essential” or “readiness” standards.

    • We support flexibility within the accountability system to allow performance/mastery level on college entrance exams to replace certain High School End of Course exams.

Attracting and Retaining Professionals

    • We support increased state contributions to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) as well as maintaining the defined benefit for current and future educators.

    • We support increased state contributions to TRS Care and Active Care so that current employees’ and retired teachers’ expenses do not increase for health care.