Nutrition, Wellness & Fundraising Guidelines

  • Upon recommendations from the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and standards set forth by the USDA, Hays CISD has established guidelines for all foods and beverages served in schools. These nutrition guidelines pertain to foods in the classroom, campus fundraising, celebrations/parties, and outside foods brought in for students. Below, you can reference these guidelines in detail along with a quick summary of Frequently Asked Questions. Our district goal is to provide nutritious and delicious options for students both in and out of the cafeteria setting. Healthy habits are learned early!

    Nutrition, Wellness, and Fundraising Guidelines

    Nutrition, Wellness, and Fundraising FAQs

    Nutrition Guidelines for Parents: English & Spanish

Food Allergies & Special Diets

  • Special Diet Accomodations

    If your child has been identified as having a disability and has special dietary needs, changes can be made to your child's meals with proper documentation from a physician.  If your child has a disability or food allergy, please have your physician fill out the Hays Special Diet Form or provide a physician's statment with the following information; child's disability, an explanation of why the disability restricts the child's diet, the major life activity affected by the disability, and the foods to be omitted from the child's diet. 

    Hays Special Diet Form