Ashley Armstrong, RN

  • Hello Explorers! I'm excited to be wrapping up my 3rd year here at Tobias and I will be returning next year. For those who are new, I have over 15 years of experience as a pediatric nurse and I began working as a school nurse with Hays CISD in 2013. 

    Illness and Injuries Please email me if your child is out for fever, vomiting, or diarrhea; has a positive Flu, Covid, or other contagious illness; has an injury that will require  they modify their activities (PE, recess, or classwork); or if they required surgery. For activity modifications longer than 3 days we do need a doctor's note. If you want to provide information regarding illness, but keep names anonymous (students and staff) please fill out my Tobias Illness Questionnaire . Providing this helps me to know what is circulating around campus so I can better inform parents and teachers of what to look out for. This also helps me provide more accurate numbers in my weekly numbers reports to our Hays County Health Department. 

    Medications must be kept in the nurse office. Any medications at school need parent and physician authorization, must be unexpired, and must come with their original prescription label. For the upcoming  2024/2025 school year, there is no grace period and we must have all  documentation from parent and physician before medication is able to be left or administered by the nurse on campus. Please do not send medications in student's pockets or belongings for them to take later.

    New Students  Parents please reach out to me if you child has asthma, allergies ther are severe, bleeding disorders, seizures, needs medication during school hours, or any other condition that will impact their school day. 

    Health screenings are required by Texas state law. Each year we have school wide vision and hearing screens for PreK, Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 5th as well as students that need a screen for other reasons. We also screen for Acanthosis Nigricans in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade.  Please email me if you have questions or your child loses/breaks their glasses and you need help getting a new exam/pair

    If you need help please reach out to myself and our counselor. We have many resources to help!

News from the Nurse

  • May 23, Last day of school and the LAST DAY to PICK UP MEDS! School nurses are instructed to throw out left over meds.

    2024 -2025 School Year

    July 25th - The school nurse is back on campus! Start bringing completed med forms with medication supply so we are ready for the first day!! Hours are a bit flexible and I do have some off campus trainings and meetings, so reach out if dropping off so we can coordinate.

    August 2 - Bring all up to date immunization records so your child has a teacher assigned for Meet the Teacher Night!

    August 12 - Must have updated immunization records for your child to attend the first day of school

    August 13 - First day of school!! Welcome back!

    November 22 -Tentative date for 5th grade Maturation talks, girls and boys watch videos separately *notices and info will be sent out before

    December 20 - Tentative date for 4th grade Hygiene education, girls and boys watch videos separately *notices and info will be sent out before


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