• Week 6:  Online Safety

    Technology Objective: We will be safe online.
    Language Objective: I will listen to and discuss digital citizen behavior.


       1.  Login and learn about a dinosaur.

       Pebble Go  

    2. ABCmouse.com


    3.  Reward Games

    reward games










    Technology Applications TEKS K-2

    5. The student practices safe, responsible, legal, and ethical behavior while using digital tools and resources. The student is expected to:

    (A) adhere to acceptable use policies reflecting appropriate behavior in a digital environment

    (B) comply with acceptable digital safety rules


    Thanks to Common Sense Media for great lesson resources and ideas.  
    "Keep It Private." K-2. <https://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/lesson/keep-it-private-k-2