• Computer Mouse
     I will learn to use a computer mouse.
    Move. Point. Click. Drag. Drop. Scroll.

    1. Learn to use the Mouse 

    Mouse and Pointer Tutorial   

    2. Mouse Games
    Moving the mouse
    Pirate Mouse Game  
     heart mouse game
     raindrop mouse game

    Caterpillar Count  

    Pointing and Clicking
    Happy Clicks 2 Mouse Game
    Happy Clicks Mouse Game  


    Animals in the Jungle

    Animals in the Ocean

    Dragging and dropping
    Drag and Drop Mouse Game  
    Drag and Drop 2 Mouse Game  
    Drag and Drop 3 Mouse Games  
    Drag and Drop 4 Mouse Game  
    Putting it all together!
    Skits Cooks   Scrup a Pup Mouse Game

    Funny Photos Mouse Game  


    Click Speed

    3. This is Sand
    This is Sand