It is that time of year when students who are in AP and Pre-AP classes may be allowed to drop to On Level classes. Here is how it will work this year:                                                                                                                                                                                

    • Starting Wednesday, September 30thstudents can complete the Google form to request drop in level. Click Here: https://forms.gle/K7W9dVD7j2F69RSU6
    • Parents must be in agreement and students need to understand we will try to minimize changes to the current schedule, but sometimes multiple changes must happen to get them to the new class.
    • Due to the current COVID issue, for this round we will not require 3 tutorials with the teacher before a drop is approved.
    • Google Forms MUST be completed by 4:30pm on Wednesday, October 7th.No late forms will be accepted.


    On October 8th, counselors will review all requests to determine if there is space available. If space allows, students schedule changes will be effective on Monday October 12th. The next opportunity to request a level drop will be at the end of the semester.