• Homecoming Dance
    10/15-Friday 8:30pm-11:30 


    No ISS, NO Impact assignment for Fall 2021

    Passing all classes at the six week progress report (10/07 report date)

    Attendance: No more than 4 absences in any given period (1-3 absences you are good-once you hit 4 you are out)  

    No Debt owed (textbooks, ID’s, devices, etc.)

    With approval, in district students from other HS (LOA, LHS, JHS) with prior approval (form in AP office) AND they must meet our discipline guidelines at their school. (AFTER our own HHS kids have had an opportunity to purchase a ticket.)

    Tickets $25 each

    Seniors tickets 10/07 & 10/08

    Juniors tickets 10/13

    Sophomores 10/14

    Freshman- 10/15 and LAST DAY TO BUY is 10/15

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