• Mouse Games
    We will practice pointing, clicking, dragging, dropping, and scrolling with a computer mouse.
    We will manage tabs using the computer mouse.
    I will show others that I understand what I hear by following directions and retelling what others have told me.


    Moving the Mouse
    Pirate Mouse Game    heart mouse game  raindrop mouse game

    Caterpillar Count  

    Pointing and Clicking
    Happy Clicks 2 Mouse Game Happy Clicks Mouse Game  


    Animals in the Jungle

    Animals in the Ocean

    Dragging and Dropping
    Drag and Drop Mouse Game   Drag and Drop 2 Mouse Game   Drag and Drop 3 Mouse Games   Drag and Drop 4 Mouse Game  
    Putting it all together!
    Skits Cooks   Scrup a Pup Mouse Game
    Funny Photos Mouse Game  


    Click Speed

    This is Sand
    Mouse and Pointer Tutorial