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  • As required by law, Hays Consolidated Independent School District provides equal educational opportunities to all students who are eligible to attend the District. In compliance with those laws, Hays CISD does not and will not deny enrollment based on a student’s immigration status.

    The Hays CISD District Board of Trustees recognizes the local education concerns that have been raised by the national debate on, and the implementation and enforcement of, current immigration laws. On Monday, February 20, 2017, in an effort to alleviate these concerns, while also carrying out its duties as set forth by law and Board policies, the Hays CISD Board passed a resolution expressing its position on the matter.

School Board Immigration Resolution

  • The Hays CISD Board resolution expresses the same legal tenets found in the mission of the Texas public education system:  to ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their full potential and fully participate now and in the future in the social, economic, and educational opportunities in Texas and the nation. As stated in the Texas Education Code, that mission is grounded on the conviction that a general diffusion of knowledge is essential for the welfare of Texas and for the preservation of the liberties and rights of Texas citizens.


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Common Questions

  • Special thank you to our neighbor Austin ISD for preparing a comprehensive list of common questions. We have adopted many of their questions and answers - adjusted, of course, to reflect information specific to Hays CISD.

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  • Does a child's immigration status affect his or her ability to attend Hays CISD schools?

  • Does Hays CISD collect information about student and parent immigration status and report that information to anyone?

  • I have a student at Hays CISD and I am worried that he or she will be bullied or harassed because of what is happening nationally. What should I do?

  • I have been approached by Hays CISD families and staff members looking for information about immigration and support services. What resources are available?

  • I work for Hays CISD and an outside group has asked me to distribute documents to my students. What resources, if any, can be given to students?

  • I am a Hays CISD employee and would like to participate in some political activities regarding national events. Is this ok?

  • I teach for Hays CISD and I think current events would make a meaningful lesson plan. Can I discuss these topics in the classroom?

  • I work at a Hays CISD school. What should I do if a law enforcement officer comes to a school?

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