• While the school year draws to a close, mosquito season is just beginning. Mosquito activity increases with warmer weather, and so does the threat of these illnesses. Pregnant women are particularly at risk of Zika; the virus can cause birth defects in unborn infants. The Zika virus spreads through the bite of certain types of mosquitoes. While it can cause fever, rash, joint pain, and red or pink eyes, about 80 percent of people with Zika do not become ill or have symptoms. Zika can also spread through blood transfusions and sexual contact.
    Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment for the Zika virus. Your best protection is to avoid infection. Prevent mosquito breeding and protect yourself from mosquito bites. You can learn more about Zika here

    Prevent mosquito-borne illnesses:

    • Apply EPA-approved insect repellent.
    • Remove standing water in cans, bottles, buckets, tires, wheel barrows or any container that can hold water.
    • Wear clothing that covers hands, arms, legs, and exposed skin. This can include hats with mosquito netting and socks to cover your ankles.
    • Cover trash cans or containers where water can collect.