• Avatar

    An avatar is a graphic representing the computer user.


    Create an avatar for your Google Account.

     abcya paint   ABCya Paint
    (To SAVE, click the yellow hamburger menu and choose SAVE.)

    DoppleMe  Dopple Me
    (To SAVE, RIGHT CLICK on the finished picture and choose SAVE IMAGE AS.)

    MyBlueRobot  My Blue Robot
    (To SAVE, click the DOWNLOAD button, then scroll past they advertisements and RIGHT CLICK on the picture, then SAVE IMAGE AS.)

    WeaveSilk   Weave Silk
    (To SAVE, click the CAMERA, then RIGHT CLICK on the tiny picture and SAME IMAGE AS.)

    Pollock Art  Jackson Pollock Art
    (To SAVE, ask teacher to use snipping tool)

    Sand  This is Sand
    (To SAVE, click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, click the CAMERA.)