College & Career Readiness

  • Hays CISD is committed to preparing all students to graduate college, career and life ready!

    Hays Consolidated ISD is focused on ensuring that our students are prepared for a changing and increasingly complex future. (TEA & THECB: Texas College Readiness Standards,  79th Texas Legislature, HB 1-the “Advancement of College Readiness in Curriculum.” Section 28.008 of the Texas Education Code).

Department Staff Contacts

  • The intricate collaboration among the Departments of Guidance and Counseling, Advanced Academics, Career and Technical Education (CTE), under the Division of Curriculum and Instruction is key to exceeding our CCMR goals. The first component of the Hays CISD Learner Profile is that learners will be academically prepared for college, career, and life!

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    We are focused on ensuring that our students are prepared for a changing and increasingly complex future; to cultivate the knowledge, skills, mindset of a lifelong learner in order to achieve high levels of success while in high school and postsecondary readiness.

    AT THE HS CAMPUS LEVEL: each High School College & Career Counselor leads the way and works in collaboration with academic Counselors, Path Advisors, Career and Technical Education (CATE), Advanced Academics, and all other partner organizations and college access programs to create and promote a college-bound culture across all campuses.

    Scope & Sequence for College, Career and Life Readiness (Elementary, Middle School & High School)  *In development... coming Spring 2022

    A Scope & Sequence for CCLR is being developed to assure that ALL of our Hays CISD students; beginning as early as Kindergarten and beyond, begin taking steps to explore college and career options so that they reach college and career readiness upon HS graduation.

    Xello (a College & Career Exploration and Planning tool for all MS and HS students)
    “Help students build 21st century skills to thrive. Xello equips all students with the knowledge, real-world skills, and planning capabilities to navigate their future.”

    Xello: Hays CISD makes available the Xello college & career future ready dashboard to all MS and HS students. All activities, tools and resources are focused on teaching Future-Ready Skills & Knowledge.

    STUDENTS are set up with a login and password based on their Hays CISD student ID number. Students should talk to their counselor to get more information on CareerCruising, and how they can connect as a family to plan for high school, but also for those college dreams after graduation.


College Readiness & TSIA2 (Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0)

  • The TSIA2 is designed to measure college readiness skills in the areas of reading, writing and math. If you are a student that is planning to enroll in college level coursework, you may need to take the TSI exam. Some students are EXEMPT from the TSI exam, provided they meet specific criteria. For more information about the TSI, visit: and/or CollegeForAllTexans/TSI. Also feel free to visit with your College & Career Counselor to get more information, available TSI test dates, and how to get free practice materials and access to the TSIA APP.

    1. FREE PRACTICE for the TSIA2
    3. Student Informational Brochure
    4. Understanding Your Score
    5. Overview: Texas Success Initiative

    *New passing/cut off scores with the implementation of the new TSIA2 on January 2021*

    ELAR College Ready Scores:
    CRC 945 - 990 AND Essay 5 - 8
    CRC 910 - 944 AND Diagnostic Level 5 - 6 AND Essay 5 - 8

    ELAR Test Scores

    Math College Ready Scores:
    CRC 950 - 990
    CRC 910 - 949 AND Diagnostic Level 6

    Math Scores