• Exemption Information and Exam Schedules may be found on the left toolbar as they become available.


    Please review this exemption process for Fall 2021 semester exams.


    • Students must have an 85+ average in Pre-AP/on-level courses, and 85+ in AP/6.0 weight courses. Teachers determine the course average for the student by adding the 1st 9 weeks report card grade with the 2nd 9 weeks grade and dividing by 2. 
    • Freshmen can exempt up to 2 exams (if they qualify), Sophomores up to 3, Juniors up to 4, and Seniors up to 5.
    • Students that have been placed in ISS/OSS/DAEP during the Fall semester will NOT be eligible for exemptions. If a student has a debt, it must be cleared with the A.P. office BEFORE a teacher can grant an exemption. 
    • Please read our existing exam FAQ sheet HERE


    • 11/29 - Teachers will receive information on exemptions
    • 11/30 - Students will receive exemption information (email from admin)
    • 12/7 - Attendance Appeals due to AP Office (completed & with all documentation)
    • 12/8 - “Cut off/snapshot” for exemption calculation (have all grades entered)
    • 12/9 - 12/11 Students may request exemption from individual teachers
    • 12/9 - 12/13 Teacher window for granting/denying exemption requests and entering exemption info on master list
    • 12/15-12/17 Semester exams. See updated schedule HERE
    • 12/17 - Grading Period Ends


    1. Students will email the teacher(s) of the course they wish to exempt. All emails will be standardized (Example: subject will read “Exemption request”) to allow teachers to easily store/sort/respond. 
    2. Teachers will receive the email then check to see that the student qualifies- 85+ average (85+ for AP). 
    3. Teacher will return the student’s email stating they are EXEMPT from that exam or NOT EXEMPT from that exam (and state reason why: grade average below 85 (85+ for AP), etc

    Reminders and Answers to NEW FAQs:

    • No Early exams. Students that miss with an excused absence/extenuating circumstance may make up a missed exam in January. 
    • Students that are exempt will still report to class during test time if they are on campus. Example: I am taking 1st and 3rd period exams, but am exempt from 2nd period. I will still report to 2nd period during exam time.