Credit Recovery

  • Students who do not attend at least 90% of the class sessions, whether excused or unexcused, will be denied credit for the course.  Letters will be sent home to parents of students who have lost credit due to excessive absences at the end of each semester.  In addition, courses for which credit has been lost due to excessive absences will be indicated with an asterisk (*) on the student's report card. 

    Students who lost credit during the Fall Semester must complete the credit recovery process by no later than the last Friday of May in order to regain credit.  Students who do not regain credit will be required to re-take the course in order to earn credit.

    Credit can be regained at Hays High School by:

    1. Attending teacher tutorial sessions before 8:45 am or after 4:15 pm.
    2. Attending Saturday School from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm on days that Saturday School is scheduled (sign up in the Assistant Principals' Office).
    3. A combination of options 1 & 2 above .
    4. Effective February 24, 2020, tutorials during the “Megalunch” will not count toward make up hours for any student in any grade.

    Hays High School does not accept Community Service Hours.

    Students who choose to attend teacher tutorial session should record their hours on the Credit Recovery Tracking Sheet (link below). 

    Once completed, this form should be delivered to their Assistant Principal for approval.  Once approval is granted the form will be turned in to the Attendance Office who is responsible for tracking completed hours.  Once sufficient hours have been accounted for, the attendance office will notify the campus Registrar to release the hold on the credit.

    Students who have excessive absences due to extenuating circumstances may file an appeal with the campus Attendance Committee.  Appeals must be filed by no later than 30 days following the conclusion of the semester in which credit was denied.  Students who wish to file the appeal must use the form below and submit it with documentation that the student would like the attendance committee to consider.

    Click here to download the Credit Recovery Tracking Sheet (pdf).

    Click here to download the Credit Reinstatement Hour Appeal Form (pdf).