Attendance Q & A

  • When my student is absent, what information do I need to put on their absence note? Documentation needs to be submitted within 5 days of the absence. Note should include: Student’s full name, ID #, Date(s) of absence, Reason for absence, Parent contact phone number, Parent signature (or electronic signature if sent by email).

    You can email your note to

    ***We DO NOT accept phone calls or voicemail messages as documentation for a student's absence.

    What do I need to check out a student?
    Parent/Guardian is required to come into the office and check out the student(s) in person. Parent must present a valid state-issued identification card at the time of checkout each time. Please be advised due to safety and security reasons, the ID and name on the student demographics must match exactly. The person checking out the student must be listed as a person who has authorization to check out the student. A written note or phone call giving authorization to check out a student will not be accepted. To add a pick up person for your child, a parent or legal guardian on the pick-up list must come in person to fill out the form.  They will need to provide a valid state-issued identification card.  Students will not be called out of class until the parent has arrived to check out the student.  Students must check out through the attendance office to ensure proper code.

    What do I need to submit to have my student check themselves out of school?
    Only students who are able to drive themselves to/from school and who have a valid HHS parking permit will be allowed to self-checkout.  Parents must send or email a note to give permission for students to self-checkout. The note needs to be delivered to our office before classes begin on the day of checkout.  Email notes to  Please included the following information in the note; student full name, ID#, time they need to leave campus, the reason for leaving, state permission for them to self-checkout, and a working number where you can be reached that day for verification.  We will be calling to verify that you sent the note, especially written notes. It is important, that the phone number that you provide on the note/email match a phone number that is listed on the student’s release form. Students are not allowed to self-checkout for lunch off campus. REMINDER: Students are REQUIRED to check-in or check-out of school for appropriate attendance coding. 

    Do I have to go into the school to sign my student in for the day?
    No - a student can sign themselves in.  Just remember to bring in a note stating the reason for the absence.  Students must check in and check out through the attendance office to ensure proper coding. 

    Can I check out my student during testing days?
    Students may not be checked out during a test administration without approval from a campus administrator.

    What is the difference between an absence and a tardy?
    Student is absent if they are more than 20 minutes late to class.

    What is the difference between ON and EW code for medical notes?
    The ON is a code given to students who attend school anytime during the same day that they go to a medical appointment.  The EW code is given to a student who does not attend school on the day they go to the medical appointment.  Since the EW code is for students missing full days of school, this code will count against the student for exemptions.  (Look at the Exemption menu item for more details about attendance guidelines for exemptions.) We cannot EW doctor notes prior to date of doctor visits. For days prior to going to the doctor, please send a parent note and the absence will be marked EA.

    How do I request a Verification of Enrollment form (VOE)?
    This VOE is for driving purposes only.  Students must not owe any credit recovery hours or have an outstanding balance due to HHS.  VOE forms are valid for 30 days from the issue date.   Please request your VOE form 24 business hours in advance of picking them up. Parents may pick up for student anytime after the 24 business hour period, pending an email hasn't been sent to the email on the request indicating student owes money or hours. If you need a VOE for any other purpose, contact the HHS Counseling Office.

    The VOE Request link can be found on the left sidebar.