Private Duty Nursing

  • Hays CISD provides school nrusing and school health services for students on all campuses. Each campus has a registered nurse to provide health services. Due to the complex medical needs of some students, parents may wish to waive district school nurse and school health services during a 504 or ARD.  In the event a parent wishes to utilize their own private duty nurse, the parent(s) are financially responsible for this nursing care. In order for private duty nursing services to be initaited by a parent, the parent must complete an agreement acknowledging the waiver or school health and nursing services by district staff PRIOR to a private duty nurse beginning care on campus.

    It is the district's goal to work together to provide the best and safest educational experience for all students. In order to provide clear guidelines and expectations to improve safety of the children on campus and eliminate miscommunication, please refer to the Hays CISD Private Duty Nursing Guidelines for further information regarding private duty nursing care.

How to request Private Duty Nursing Services

  • In order to be request private duty nursing services for a student on campus, the 504 or IEP must indicate the parent waives district nursing services and will provide their own private duty nurse.

    A request for private duty nursing services can be intiaited by a parent by submitting the Hays CISD Parent Agreement for Private Duty Nursing Services. This agreement MUST be received PRIOR to a private duty nurse beginning services on campus. Please note this agreement must be signed prior to the start of each school year. Pease see the steps below for full details. 

Steps for those starting services for the first time

Steps for those CONTINUING PDN services