Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBS) Survey

  • Hays CISD conducts Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBS) Surveys periodically at the recommendation of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). The YRBS was developed by the CDC to provide data at the national, state, and local level for 9th through 12th grade students. It was developed to monitor health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading cause of challenges for youth and adults in the United States. The survey will ask about nutrition, physical activity, injuries, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. It will also ask about sexual behaviors, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. You can learn more about the YRBS survey here on the CDC website. The district uses the national survey which can be viewed here.

    The SHAC has been using the survey results to provide recommendations that focus on reducing risk for students and the community. It is important to note that the issues identified in the survey data are reflective of community challenges, not just by the school district, because many of the risky behaviors occur after and away from school. 

    Hays CISD provided the YRBS survey for the fourth time on March 9, 2018 in random classrooms. The survey took about 45 minutes for the students to complete.

    Taking this survey will cause no risk to your child. The only potential risk is that some students might find certain questions to be sensitive. The survey has been designed to protect your child’s privacy. Students will not put their names on the survey. Also, no school or student will ever be mentioned by name in a report of the results. Your child will get no benefit right away from taking part in the survey. The results of this survey will help your child and other children in the future. We would like all students in the randomly selected classrooms to take part in the survey, but the survey is voluntary. No action will be taken against the school, you, or your child if your child does not take part. Students can skip any questions they do not wish to answer. In addition, students may stop participating in the survey at any point without penalty. If you would like to see the survey, a copy is available the office of Curriculum and Instruction.

    If you do not wish for your high school child to take part in the survey if their classroom is randomly selected, please contact your campus administration.