Guest Teacher Compensation


    Teaching Positions: $100.00 per full day 

    Paraprofessional Positions  $80.00 -$100.00 per full day (rates vary based on assignment)

    Long Term Assignments vary from $90.00 per day to $130.00 per day (rates vary based on certification)

    Some difficult to fill campuses may receive an incentive pay differential of up to $10.00 per day for daily assignments, long term positions are exempt from this pay differential.

    Early Release Days have a modified pay rate to reflect the shortened day. 

     Additionally, Hays CISD offers:

    • Discounts to various local district events

    • A very supportive professional staff

    • An automated calling system (SmartFind Express Online) available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access job information