Catastrophic Leave Bank Information

  • The Catastrophic Leave Bank (CLB) is available for all Hays CISD employees to help alleviate the hardship caused to an employee and the employee’s immediate family in the event that a catastrophic illness or injury forces the employee to exhaust all available leave and then lose compensation.


    Membership in the CLB is strictly voluntary. 

    New personnel wishing to join the CLB and employed after the enrollment period must join the CLB within 30 days of beginning employment. The enrollment period for current employees is during August of each year.

    All employees who wish to join the CLB must contribute three (3) of their local leave days, which happens only once, unless CLB time is used. Up to 30 days of paid leave may be granted if the employee meets qualifications.

    Request CLB Time:

    Members may request days from the bank, by completing the forms below and returning it to Employee Services by email:, fax 512-268-7384 or hand delivery.

    Required Forms:
    D7-B CLB Request Form
    D7-B Employee Supporting Statement Form
    D7-C Authorization to Receive Personal Health Information
    Medical Certification for Catastrophic Leave Bank