Hays Consolidated Independent School District

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District Leadership Team (DLT)

  • DLT words graphic School board policy BQA (LEGAL) and (LOCAL), establishes a site-based decision-making committee at the district level to advise the superintendent on educational goals and objectives. Two levels of teams function within the district:

    • District-level: District Leadership Team [DLT]
    • Campus-level: Campus Leadership Team [CLT]

    Role of the DLT
    The DLT was established to advise the superintendent in the following roles:

    • Establish and review the district's educational goals and objectives;
    • Review major district-wide instructional programs identified by the board or superintendent;
    • Analyze dropout rates, dropout prevention plans, and graduation rates;
    • Approve staff development of a district-wide nature; and
    • Serve exclusively in an advisory role.
  • Purpose of the DLT

    • Be involved in establishing and reviewing the district educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs;
    • Assist in establishing the administrative procedure that defines the respective roles and responsibilities of those involved in the planning and decision-making at the district and campus levels;
    • Address all pertinent federal planning requirements;
    • Assist the superintendent annually in preparing, reviewing, and revising the District Improvement Plan;
    • Analyze the district dropout rates, dropout prevention plans and graduation rates;
    • Hold one public meeting annually after receipt of the district-level performance report to discuss the performance and the performance objectives;
    • Advise district staff regarding the discipline management program including the student code of conduct;
    • Participate in the development of, and approve, district-wide staff development;
    • Be involved in the development of the appraisal process and performance criteria for teachers and administrators;
    • As appropriate, provide written comments on requests for waivers submitted to TEA

DLT Facilitators

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