Student Assessment

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    Student Assessment responsibilities:

    • administration of all State testing which includes; STAAR, STAAR-Alt 2, TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System), and State required field testing. Click here for more information about STAAR.
    • administration of acceleration testing.  This is testing for students who want to receive credit for a course they have not yet taken or for students who want to skip a grade by demonstrating mastery of the grade they want to skip.
    • administration of end-of-unit exams.  These assessments are tightly aligned to our district curriculum and provide data about teacher and student performance with respect to the written curriculum.  They are used to make decisions about improving curriculum and instruction.
    • monitoring performance of all schools related to the different accountability systems used in Texas; coordinating district interventions in cases where a campus may be in jeopardy of not meeting accountability standards.
    • analyzing and reporting the results of assessments and accountability to the superintendent, the school board, and other district administrators.
  • Other assessment areas:

    • special education identification and services assessments are handled by the special education department.
    • assessments for dyslexia identification are handled by the dyslexia coordinator.
    • assessments for gifted and talented identification are coordinated by the Executive Director of Student Achievement.
    • diagnostic reading assessments are coordinated by the Director of Intervention Services.
    • RTI (Response To Intervention) assessments are done using AIMSWeb and are coordinated by the Director of Intervention Services.
    • Advanced Placement exams, SAT, ACT, PSAT, and other college related assessments are handled by the academic deans at the respective high schools.


Assessment Documents