Co: Writer and Snap & Read Universal

  • Co: Writer Universal

    Co: Writer Universal is an app as well as a chrome extension. The app works on all iOS devices and the extension is accessible through the Google Chrome web browser.

    This program can be used during writing at school and at home. It provides predictive spelling to help students choose the right word and correct spelling when writing compositions. It provides speech to text to assist with writing when students need additional support for spelling. It also provides text to speech which reads your student’s writing back to them so that they can hear what they have written. This program is compatible with Google Drive so that all work can be exported, saved, and printed for your student’s portfolio.

    • To add as an app on an iOS device search the App Store for Co-writer Universal.
    • To add as an app or extension on the Google Chrome web-browser or on a chromebook: 1. go to Webstore and search Co-Writer Universal 2. Select Add To Chrome button for the app and/or extension

    Your student has an account provided by the district.

    Password: lunch#

    Snap & Read

    Snap&Read is an app for portable iOS devices that provides Text to Speech capabilities by allowing students to use the camera feature to take pictures of typed text and have it read aloud to them.

    It can also be used on websites through the Google Chrome extension to provide text to speech capabilities to any website on the internet.

    Your student has an account provided by the district and is free to use with the following login:

    Password: lunch#