• Kindergarten Technology Specials
    COLOR Week
    We will use minimize, maximize and close to manage computer windows while using the computer mouse to create art and play games.
    I will use the correct words when talking about technology.








    Color Sorting Game


    Bloople's Colors


















    Teacher Notes

    1. Intro: Play song from ABCMouse, "Look at all the Colors I Can See."

    2. Carpet: Review opening internet, navigating to teacher web page, managing tabs, scroll.

    3. Independent: Mouse Video, This is Sand, Paint

    4. Carpet: New - Minimize, Maximize, Close Song/Game

    5. Color Week Games (drag)


    Just in case!

    • Robot Count Game.  Count the computers around the room. Pretend you are a robot and you can only move when we say the numbers, group counting aloud.
    • Go Noodle Body Spell technology words.
    • Technology Videos from shared drive.
    • Freeze Dance with one of the songs from the videos folder, The Kerplunks or The Polkadots.
    • Paper/Pencil - Draw technology in your life. 

    Technology Applications TEKS


    We will use a computer mouse.

    6 Technology Operations & Concepts - The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of technology systems, concepts, and operations.

    A. use appropriate terminology...

    D. use a variety of input...devices.

    English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)

    2I Listening - I will show that I understand what I hear by following directions and retelling what someone has told me.