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    The holidays are approaching and that means a lot of us will be indulging in some of our favorite seasonal foods.  This is where mindless eating around holidays can cause unanticipated weight gain.  Mindless eating is where you eat food, but you may be distracted while eating such as working, driving, watching tv, or reading.  When you mindlessly eat, you eat until the food item is gone without really acknowledging the taste or sensation the food gives you. Mindless eating can lead to weight gain by not allowing you to recognize those hunger and fullness cues, and can cause health issues.

    Mindful eating is where you are able to acknowledge everything about the food you are eating using all of your senses.  You use your sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste to examine the food.  Rather than eating the food all at once, you slowly examine the food, and then take small bites and acknowledge the taste of the food.  Mindful eating also helps you recognize your hunger and fullness cues so that you do not over indulge on those holiday favorites.  The holidays are a great time to try out mindful eating with all the different aromas, tastes and smells you are sure to find something you can indulge in without over indulging.

    Check out the 8 steps to mindful eating on Harvard Health Website.


    Here is a mindful eating exercise you can watch and try at home!

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