Interested in Live Oak Academy?

  • Welcome to Live Oak Academy, the alternative school of choice in Hays CISD. Our instructional delivery method is not a traditional, teacher-directed model but more of a student-driven experience. We hope students take advantage of the opportunity to ACCELERATE! We want our students to be prepared for their future!

    Our instructional delivery is mainly computer-based instruction using Edgenuity. It is web-based, meaning that students are able to access it from home, not as a replacement for in-person learning, but as an accessible way to get ahead. Our teachers have embedded parts of the program into the courses they teach. Other parts of the courses utilize-developed curriculum. This offers students more variety in the way they learn. Many of our students find this to be an engaging opportunity. In addition, the new program offers quite a few high interest electives, which are monitored by our teachers, but taught by virtual teachers. We are excited that most of our students will be able to take electives here on campus.  Edgenuity also offers Advanced Placement opportunities for students who want to pursue a more challenging course of study. We highly encourage our students to take these courses, which truly prepare them for college. These courses include: Biology, Pre-Calculus, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Psychology, Spanish and U.S. History.

    Here is some information that we feel is important for all potential Live Oak Academy students to know. Our curriculum is rigorous. Even though our credentialed teachers work diligently with students to master learning objectives, students at Live Oak Academy spend a lot of time working on their own. Students must have intrinsic motivation to independently pursue a challenging course of study. We encourage our students to take responsibility for themselves, to think and creatively find solutions to problems they encounter and hold themselves accountable for both successes and failures as they grow into young adults. At Live Oak Academy students are not bound by traditional timelines; when one course is complete, students will enroll in a new course immediately. Our students have the opportunity to graduate earlier than expected and choose a schedule that might include only four classes or as many as eight. 

    We are preparing our students for further education. Last year 99% of our students completed the federal financial aid form, just as many were tested and prepared to register at Austin Community College. We very much encourage students to take Austin Community College dual enrollment classes at an ACC campus. Students may earn both high school and college credit for these courses, which are FREE to high school students. Why not start now? Student opportunities at Live Oak Academy are abundant!

    We welcome new students throughout the year. If you are a serious student, looking for a different academic experience, we encourage you to apply!

    To print an application, go to our home page and click on the red "APPLY NOW" button!

    To check the status of your application, please email