Attendance Zones

  • Note: New High School Attendance Zones for the 2019-2020 school year were adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 26, 2018. To view information about that rezoning map, please visit the Rezoning page.

    Attendance zones for district schools are established by the Board of Trustees with input and recommendations from parents, the community, and an attendance zone committee. The district establishes attendance zones to:

    1. Maintain the neighborhood school concept;
    2. Prevent, reduce, and eliminate overcrowding;
    3. Allow for future growth;
    4. Keep distances traveled by students as short as possible;
    5. Minimize the need for student transportation; and
    6. Allow campuses to house students safely and provide adequate services to all students.

    Students in Hays CISD attend schools in the attendance zones in which they reside unless they are enrolled in a magnet school, assigned to another school through an enrollment capping procedure or special program placement, assigned to another school for disciplinary reasons, or approved for continued enrollment or a transfer at another campus.