Week 26-28:  Google Drawing (Life Cycle of Butterflies)

    Technology Objective: We will collect information from a reliable resource and organize it using Google Drawings.  
    Language Objective: I will create a poster that shows all the stages of a butterfly's life.       


    1. Life Cycle of Butterflies
    Username/password info on Class Dojo

    Brain Pop Jr.   


    2. Google Drawing

       Google Drive    
    Create a poster using Google Drawing that shows all of the stages of life cycle of a butterfly.

    Google Drawig Directions:  Click on Drive link -> click on Google Apps (Waffle) -> Click on Google Drive-> sign into Hays Google Accounnt -> Click on New -> Click More -> Click on Google Drawing

     3. More Tech Fun

     dream box  Code.org Typing Club
    Username/passwords sent on Class Dojo
    4. Reward Games
    rocketship games