Principal's Message

  • Welcome back!

    Here we are with another summer come and and this year summer was over sooner than normal. We have been looking forward to you all coming back for another amazing school year. I hope you all had time for some fun, as well as relaxation with your friends and family this summer. We have spent our summer preparing for another great year. We are ready for you to walk through those doors!

     Our teachers will continue to email you all every two weeks regarding upcoming content and any other important information. Grades will be entered by Monday at midnight weekly so that you may check every Tuesday morning for grade updates. One of our goals this year to to provide our students with timely feedback so look for student trackers in all core classes. We want our students to take ownership of their grades and set goals for every assessment. It is an important life skill and we expect all our students to make progress every year.

     The first day of school, students will report straight to their first period class. Teachers will be teaching school-wide expectations throughout the day the first few days. This is different than in the past and our team felt this might be a more productive way to teach school-wide expectations.

     This year their advisory teacher is their 2nd period teacher. The first day back from a weekend/holiday, we will be on "House Meeting/Advisory" Bell Schedule. We will have a 7 Mindsets lesson each week as well as a House Meeting. House meetings were new last year and we felt they were successful. They help build our campus culture and student voice.

     As we embark on our 14th year, your child continues to be our priority, and we work hard to ensure they are engaged, successful, and safe. Please let us know how we can help you throughout the year. You are more than welcome to email me directly or call my secretary, Laura Torres, to schedule a meeting with me if you have any concerns or questions. It is my privilege and honor to serve as your child's Principal. Thank you for your support and we look forward to another great year!

      Go Cougars!

     Welcome New to CMS Faculty/Staff!

    We are experiencing some growth in our community so we were able to hire additional staff as well as fill vacancies that came about due to attrition. Our process for hiring the best is tough, so we are proud to introduce to you our newest Team Chapa members, all of whom exhibit the traits that we consider important and which exemplify what it takes to be a Chapa Cougar!

    • Juan Hernandez - 8th ELA
    • Anthony Fernandez - 7th SS and Boy's Coach
    • Jessica Urrutia - 8th Sped SS Teacher and Girl's Coach
    • Jeremy Thoman - 6th Math Teacher
    • Jennifer Gallardo-Payne - 7th Math Teacher
    • Elizabeth Richmann - 7th Math Teacher
    • Denise Riendeau - 6th Math Teacher
    • Thomas Burnette - Assistant Band Director
    • Libby Hollinger - Theater Teacher
    • Eleazar Hernandez - Health/Teen Leadership/PE and Boy's Coach
    • Jo Serrano - Dyslexia Teacher
    • Kim Coombs - CIS Program Manager
    • Debbie Giossi - Nurse
    • Melissa Romero - Sped. Instructional Aide
    • Emily Fule - Sped. Instructional Aide
    • Jeric Fule - Sped. Instructional Aide
Mr. Chapa and Mrs. Walls