Campus Leadership Team (CLT)

  • The Campus Leadership Team (CLT) assists the principal in developing, reviewing, and revising the campus improvement plan for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations with respect to academic excellence indicators and other appropriate performance measures. The committee is involved in decisions in the areas of planning, budgeting, staffing, curriculum, staff development, and school organization. The committee works with the principal in an advisory capacity. By law, the committee must approve campus-level professional development.

  • The Campus Leadership Team (CLT) shall be established on each campus to serve in an advisory role to the principal in the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the campus educational program. The CLT serves exclusively in an advisory role in decisions in the areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, and school organization except that each committee shall approve staff development of a campus nature.

    Principals are encouraged to have an ad-hoc committee develop the campus improvement plan which is then reviewed, revised, and approved by the campus leadership team. The campus improvement plan is the guide to improving student performance for all student populations with respect to the academic excellence indicators and any other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations.

    CLT members should consist of representatives from the teachers, support staff, parents, community, and businesses. Two-thirds of the members are required to be classroom teachers and at least one parent, community member, and business representative are to be included. The principal should also be on the committee, but is encouraged to select a chairperson to facilitate the meetings or have the committee elect a chair. Staff positions may be designated by grade level, department, team, or whatever unit the campus decides. The principal will establish the nomination process for staff positions and parent/community/business positions may be filled by appointment by the principal. Members from these different groups may volunteer to serve.

    Below are guidelines that will assist CLTs in leading productive meetings:

    • Agendas should address school-wide issues.
    • Written requests for agenda items should be submitted to the CLT at least five days prior to the meeting.
    • The facilitator and principal will draft the agenda together.
    • Minutes will be kept and sent to all staff and CLT members by email, or print, and posted on the district website.
    • Members are encouraged to send a substitute for the group they represent if they are unable to attend a meeting.
    • Meetings will be held a minimum of four times per year.
    • DLT minutes will be shared and reviewed.
    • Quarterly budget updates, curriculum, AEIS data, program reviews, and effective teaching practices shall be items discussed in CLT meetings, but not necessarily on every agenda.