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Board Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

General Meeting Information

  • Regular Meetings

    Regular Hays CISD Board of Trustee Meetings typically occur twice monthly with some exceptions because of the school holiday schedule. The first regular meeting of each month is the Board workshop meeting, at which members review the agenda and hear presentations regarding items that may be voted on at the Board business meeting, which is generally the second meeting of the month.

    Special Meetings

    The Board may call special meetings at any time. Generally, these meetings occur in the spring for budget planning and in August for goal setting and team training.

    Closed Session Meetings

    The Board operates under the requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act and legal and local policies. Some portions of the meetings are closed to the public in accordance with state law; however, any action the Board takes on an agenda item will occur in public.

    Speaking at the School Board Meeting

    Members of the public are invited to speak at Board meetings. The public comments portion of the meeting begins after the Board reconvenes in open session, which is typically at 6:30 p.m. for regular meetings. Citizens who wish to sign up to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting must do so at the meeting before the meeting public portion of the meeting starts using the form provided at the meeting. Public comments are limited as outlined in Board policy BED (Legal) and BED (Local).

    Additional public forum considerations:

    • The Board allots approximately 30 minutes total at each meeting for comments from members of the public about school district operations.
    • Each speaker will be strictly limited to five minutes, unless the time is decreased prior to the beginning of the public comments portion of the agenda in order to accommodate a greater number of speakers. NOTE: Speakers requiring a translator shall be allotted an additional, equal period of time for translating.
    • Comments on posted agenda items will be taken first. Comments on non-agenda items shall be permitted only after all agenda-specific comments have been made and if time permits.
    • A person may not defer his/her allotted time to another speaker.
    • Delegations of more than five persons are encouraged to appoint one person to present their views before the Board.
    • Speakers with specific complaints or comments about identifiable students, employees, or officials of the District, will be directed to the appropriate District administrator and/or the District’s formal complaint process.
    • Speakers are discouraged from identifying others by name, including using the names of students other than their own. Speakers shall not use obscene or profane language and shall not yell or disrupt the meeting.

    Translation Services Request

    The district will make every effort to help you with translation services. If you are providing your own translator, you do not need to make any advance arrangements. If you need the district to help you obtain translation services, please complete this short request form. It must be completed 10 days prior to the Board meeting at which you wish to speak to ensure a translator is available. For additional assistance, or if you have any questions, please contact barbara.gloria@hayscisd.net, or call 512-268-2141 and ask for the superintendent's office.