• We will explore the virtual world of ABC Mouse.
    I will read carefully to find my own name.

     Graphs PreK

    Data – information that is collected about people, events, or objects
    Real-object graph – a graph where concrete objects are placed in individual cells to represent one piece of data


    A. Play & Learn with Graphs  

    fruitfall    fishinggraph    balloon pop 2    jeweldiver     balloon game



    B.  Create Your Own Bar Graph



     Choice Time Activities
    Happy Choice Time






    Video:  What are Surveys and Tally Marks? from BrainPop Jr.

    TEKS – Kinder Math

    (K.12) Probability and statistics. The student constructs and uses graphs of real objects or pictures to answer questions. The student is expected to:

    (A) construct graphs using real objects or pictures in order to answer questions; and

    (B) use information from a graph of real objects or pictures in order to answer questions.

    TEKS – Kinder Technology

    (4) Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

    (D) collect, analyze, and represent data using tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, graphic organizers, charts, multimedia, simulations, models, and programming languages.