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Mission & Goals

  • Mission Statement:

    The Hays CISD World Languages Department is committed to the belief that learning languages is a fundamental component of education that prepares students to succeed as global citizens in our multilingual society. Students become aware of multiple perspectives and means of communication, leading to an appreciation of difference and diversity. Students gain an understanding of two basic aspects of human existence: the nature of communication and the complexity of culture. Communication is the overarching goal of world languages instruction. Students should be provided ample opportunity to engage in conversations, present information, and interpret culturally authentic materials in the language of study.

    Department Goals:

    This mission is accomplished through the following department goals:

    • Create a positive learning environment that fosters growth, respect, responsibility, and a lifelong love of discovery, preparing them to succeed as global citizens of the 21st century
    • Emphasize the cultural products, perspectives and practices of a society to become aware of multiple perspectives, leading to an appreciation of difference and diversity
    • Cultivate a philosophy of intentional instructional design that focuses on the quality of language use versus the quantity of tasks, utilizing the ACTFL standards and modes of communication
    • Encourage our teachers to be facilitators of learning and discovery, as well as advocates of critical thinking, to provide students with authentic opportunities to experience the languages and cultures of our global society.
    • Strengthen the vertical alignment of curriculum and practices from elementary through secondary, allowing students to experience the best quality of world language education throughout their entire educational career.

Course Offerings

  • World Languages Course Offerings:

    In Hays CISD, we are excited to offer American Sign Language, French, and Spanish at the secondary level. We also offered a Spanish Enrichment Program through the Special Areas class rotation at three of our elementary campuses. The Spanish Enrichment Program for Pre-K through 5th grade serves to provide our students with an environment that fosters low-stress opportunities for language exploration, production, and the ability to grow accustomed to a language before entering middle and high school world languages courses. We strive for our students to begin exploring how to use the language and learn about the cultural practices, products and perspectives of its peoples.  

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