School History

  • A bit about the history of Wallace Middle School ...

    Kyle Intermediate School became a middle school named Laura Belle Wallace Middle School beginning in the 2000-2001 school year. Starting her teaching career in San Marcos in 1903, Wallace went on to work for the former Kyle Independent School for over 26 years, and spent over a half-century educating the youth of central Texas until her death in 1983 at the age of 99.

    "Momma Wallace was so much a part of Kyle's history," said Judy Miller, Wallace's granddaughter. "As my grandmother, she meant so much to me as a child, and as the years pass I realize just how much she means to the rest of the community."

    As a teacher, Wallace encouraged students to stay active in school. She is said to have attended nearly all sporting events and she spent several years coaching girls' baseball. Though she strived to help others continue their education, Wallace continued her education as well, earning her master's degree at the age of 64 from Southwest Texas State University.

    Wallace was also a great help to the Kyle community by serving as Treasurer of the Kyle Methodist church for 45 years and as the manager of the Kyle Cemetery for over 50 years.

    Hays County named Wallace Outstanding Citizen of the Year in 1972 for her public works and community involvement. Residents also might remember the large celebrations nearly every year on Wallace's birthday.

    "We threw a big party for her 88th birthday and then for nearly every year after expecting it to be her last. But somehow she continued and stayed active," said Miller. "I'm so glad her legacy will live on."

    History of the Wallace Ranger

    Laura B. Wallace Middle School's mascot has had quite a history.  It began in the summer of 1967 when Buda, Kyle and Wimberley schools came together to form the Hays Consolidated School District. The 1967-68 school year was the first year of Jack C. Hays High School and Jack C. Hays Junior High School.  During that school year, the respective student council members chose their mascot and school colors. Of the choices given, Hays High School chose the Rebels and Hays Junior High School chose the Rangers. The school's mascot is named for John Coffee "Jack" Hays, a Captain in the Texas Rangers.

    In 1968, the Jack C. Hays Junior High (7th & 8th graders from Buda & Kyle) was located in the old Buda High School. Their school colors were blue & gray and their mascot was The Ranger.

    In 1970, our campus moved to the old Kyle High School (currently the home of Kyle Elementary).

    In the Spring of 1974, our campus moved to a new facility on the South Campus of Hays High School and was renamed Hays Middle School. The Wimberley students joined the Buda & Kyle students in this new facility. 7th & 8th Graders from all three cities were now together as the Hays Middle School Rangers.

    Eventually, the three cities got their own campuses. In 1986, the Kyle students moved to a new location, our current campus, and was renamed: Kyle Middle School Rangers.

    In 1993, our campus changed to Kyle Intermediate School and was home to a younger group of Rangers: 4th-6th graders.

    Finally, in 1999 our school was renamed Laura B. Wallace Middle School and became home to 6th-8th grade students in Kyle, Texas.

    Four campuses & five name changes and one thing remains consistent:  We are the Mighty Rangers!