SMART Tag Parent Portal

    • As of April 18, 2024, the SMART Tag mobile Parent App has replaced the Parent Portal (web access).
    • At the conclusion of the day on April 17, the Parent Portal is no longer in use.  Parents must download the Parent App in order to continue viewing student ridership activity.
    • The Parent App is available for Android and iOS.
  • SMART Tag offers alerts with a message when your child is approximately 10 -15 minutes from their stop and a locator map allowing parents to view the location of their child's bus while their child is on board.

    Link to download the Parent App:

    SMARTtag Parent App Instructional Video (YouTube):

    Registration for Current Parent Portal Users:

    1. Download the app and create an account by registering with the same Parent Portal email address.
    2. We will send a verification code to your email. Enter it in the app.
    3. Create a password.
    4. Once the email address is verified, all students in your Parent Portal account will be automatically linked to your new app account. Review for accuracy.
    5. To start receiving district communications, make sure you subscribe to push notifications in the Account section.
    6. If you had SMART Alerts enabled in the Parent Portal, these should transfer over to your app account. Please verify your SMART Alert settings.

    Registration if you do not have an existing Parent Portal account:

    1. Download the app on you mobile device
    2. Tap Create an Account. Enter the email address associated with your school district. Otherwise, use your current email address.
    3. Enter the 6-digit code emailed to you.
    4. Create a password
    5. Link your account to your student.

    To receive SMART Alerts, you must be subscribed to push notifications and SMART Alerts are enabled for each student you’d like to receive them for.

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  • Click link below for step-by-step instructions!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I submitted the request to link to my student and it's still showing as pending. How can I get this approved? | He enviado la solicitud para vincular a mi estudiante y todavía aparece como pendiente. ¿Cómo puedo conseguir que se apruebe?

  • Why don't all my students show up on my account? How can I add additional students to my account? | ¿Por qué no aparecen todos mis estudiantes en mi cuenta? ¿Cómo puedo añadir más estudiantes a mi cuenta?

  • Do I have the same privileges if I'm a co-parent? | ¿Tengo los mismos privilegios si soy co-padre?

  • My spouse or other family members would like to create their own Parent App Account. How do they create one? | Mi cónyuge u otros familiares desean crear su propia cuenta de Parent App. ¿Cómo se crea uno?

  • How do I add/edit the list of authorized guardians who can pick up my student at their bus stop? | ¿Cómo añado/edito la lista de tutores autorizados que pueden recoger a mi estudiante en su parada de autobús?

  • How can I update my personal information such as name, email address, or cell phone number? | ¿Cómo puedo actualizar mis datos personales, como el nombre, la dirección de correo electrónico o el número de móvil?

  • The address listed for my student is incorrect. How can I get this corrected? | La dirección de mi alumno es incorrecta. ¿Cómo puedo corregirlo?

  • Will my student be allowed to ride the bus if they lose their SMART tag card? ¿Podrá mi estudiante viajar en autobús si pierde su tarjeta SMART tag?

  • What are SMART Alerts and when are they sent? | ¿Qué son las SMART Alerts y cuándo se envían?

  • Where can I find my student's designated stop time? | ¿Dónde puedo encontrar la hora de parada designada para mi alumno?

  • Why am I not receiving SMART Alerts? | ¿Por qué no recibo SMART Alerts?

  • What will I receive in my Inbox? | ¿Qué recibiré en mi bandeja de entrada?

  • Why can't I see the bus anymore for the entire route? | ¿Por qué ya no puedo ver el autobús durante toda la ruta?