• Fourth Grade Technology Specials

    Week 3

    Learning Objective: We will be mindful when sharing information online.
    Language Objective: I will write a reflection about online safety.                

    1 Typing Club
    ID Number
    ID Number    

                     *If it doesn't work, login in with your Google Account*

    2         Hutch   Wink   Breaker

                    Step 1: Complete Interactive Stories 2x
                    Step 2: PLAY THE GAME


    3 Interland     Digital Compass

           FBI Online Safety       CyberChase

                 Explore an online safety game from above until the Exit Ticket is open.    

    4  Exit Ticket            
    Complete & Sub
    mit the Exit Ticket

    5  What have you earned today? 

     Smiley Face            Practice Squad